Mini Folio Box for 6×8 Mats (up to 15 mats) – Box Builder

A cute and versatile dual-purpose box, designed to accommodate up to 15 6×8’’ Mats or a range of print sizes from 3.5×5’’ to 6×8’’.


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A cute and versatile dual-purpose box, designed to accommodate up to 15 6×8” Mats or a range of print sizes from 3.5×5” to 6×8”. 

Available in 2 textured finishes: Black Lizard and White Lizard.

· Black Mini Boxes have a silver trim
· White Mini Boxes have a black trim
· A felt-lined base
· Optional box configurations
· Optional decorative ribbons

Box Configurations:
· Box only (to hold 6×8” Proofs/Prints)
· Box with 6×8” Mats included
· Box with USB Foam Insert & Mats
· Box with a divider to hold either 3.5×5” or 4×6” proofs/prints
· Box with a Foam Insert to hold 5×7” proofs/prints

Customise your Mini Folio-Proof Box with our printing service to brand the box with your studio logo or to personalise it for your client.

Product specifications

External Dimensions

174 W x 223 L x 54 H mm

Internal Dimensions

162 W x 211 L x 45 H mm


What is Build-A-Box?

Build-A-Box is an all inclusive, from start to finish service that includes fine art photographic prints, matted and assembled, and packed into your choice of folio box. All you need to do is upload your image file and we will do the rest. We can even ship directly to your client!

Can I drop ship my order directly to my client?

Yes! We can Drop Ship directly to your client, just make sure to fill in your clients address into the shipping address when checking out. Packing cartons will be blank and will NOT have any invoices or packing slips. Please note we can only drop ship one client's order per GIP order placed, if you have multiple clients to drop ship to, please ensure each client’s Build-A-Box is in a separate order.

How long will it take for my Build-A-Box to arrive?

All our products are in stock to help minimise order processing times. Please allow 5-7 business days for your prints to be meticulously assembled into photo mats and packed into your folio box. Once orders are ready and dispatched, shipping times will vary depending on where you are located. During busy peak periods we ask that you allow additional processing and shipping times, and we will endeavour to have your Build-A-Box ready as soon as possible.

Where are Build-A-Box assembled?

All Global Image Products’ printing services & products are meticulously checked & assembled by GIP’s very own staff members in our facility located in Seattle, Washington.

Can I logo brand my Photo Mats?

Yes you can. Logo branded mats are available within any Build-A-Box however you first MUST have a Mat Logo Block on file with us.

Can I have my logo on any Folio Box?

No, UV logo printing is not available on certain folio boxes due to the material or finish of the folio box. Please visit the relevant folio box product page to see if logo printing is available on that particular product.


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Mini Folio Box for 6×8 Mats (up to 15 mats) – Box Builder