Tuxedo Folio Box for 11×14 Mats (25 deep)

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BUILD-A-BOX is an all inclusive start to finish service that gives you endless options to customise everything that goes into your folio box.  From the fine art paper your prints are printed on,  to the photo mat style they are assembled in, all packed with chosen accessories into your folio box.

Designed to save you time so you can focus more on what you do best, taking beautiful images.

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Made from a solid timber base and lid construction and lined with a white lizard texture paper, this 11x14inch folio box features a two tone finish, white with black strip.

Customise your Folio Box

Select from the options below to fully customise your box


Catch your client’s attention with the sleek and sophisticated Designer Mk2 box, featuring a black leatherette finish, a fully detachable window lid and deep enough to hold 25 Mats.

Only available in the one style in either an 8×10” or 11×14” size.

· Fully detachable lid with a large clear window
· A textured black interior trim with a black lift-out ribbon
· The bottom of the box is felt-lined to prevent scratching surfaces

The Designer Mk2 is an updated version of the original Designer Box. It now has a detachable lid and is not designed to stand upright.

Product specifications

External Dimensions

332 W x 410 L x 92 H mm

Internal Dimensions

285 W x 362 L x 79 H mm


277 W x 355 L mm


Are your Folio Boxes in stock or made-to-order?

All our products are in stock to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible!

Is there a minimum quantity of Folio Boxes I must order?

There is no minimum quantity when ordering Folio Boxes.

Can Folio Boxes be custom made?

No, the Folio Boxes online are what we have available.

Can I have my logo on any Folio Box?

No, please visit the product page to view if that product has logo printing available.


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Tuxedo Folio Box for 11×14 Mats (25 deep)

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