11x14 Mats for 6x9 Prints (min 2 packs of 25) WITH LOGO

11x14 Mats for 6x9 Prints (min 2 packs of 25) WITH LOGO

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11x14 Mats for 6x9 Prints (min 2 packs of 25) WITH LOGO

Most cost effective way to promote your photography business is to simply emboss your mats with your studio logo.

Our mats are acid-free, 4 ply super white core (both backing board and face mat) and adhered together with a special non-acidic double sided tape to withstand temperatures up to 350ºF.

To emboss your mats you need to order a Studio Logo Block (one off charge), please visit: Studio Logo Block

Clear Plastic Sleeves are available for all mats, please visit: 11x14" Clear Plastic Sleeves

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Mat Styles Explained

Our mats come in 4 difference styles:


1. Slip-In Plain

2. Slip-In VGroove

3. Self-Assemble Plain

4. Self-Assemble VGroove


Firstly, the difference between Slip-In and Self-Assemble is how the photographic print is inserted into the mat. A Slip-In mat is sealed on 3 sides on the backing board and one short side has been unsealed allowing for a print to be slipped in hence the name Slip-In mats. Self-Assemble mats have been designed for photographers who struggle to slip-in their prints or are printing on fine art papers which are normally thicker, therefore more difficult to slip-in. A Self-Assemble mat has been permanently attached to the backing board on one long side, 2 other sides (one short and one long side) have had double sided tape applied to the backing board but not yet sealed. So, prints can be easily placed into the mat by gently lifting the top mat and positioning the print, then simply peel and seal the other 2 sides of the mat. At this point the mat is converted into a Slip-In mat.


Secondly, the difference between Plain and VGroove. A Plain mat has a print aperture with a bevel cut centered on the top mat. A VGroove mat has the print aperture with a bevel cut centered on the top mat and then an additional groove cut into the mat approx. ¼inch in from the print opening.


Not all print sizes are available in all mat styles.

If your desired print size is not available in your selected mat style change the mat style.

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Please indicate how many of your ordered mats would you like the logo to be for vertical (portrait) prints

and/or horizontal (landscape) prints.

Example: If you order 100 mats, you can type 50 Vertical & 50 Horizontal or ALL VERTICAL or 20 Vertical & 80 Horizontal

You can split the total quantity of mats ordered however you like.

PLEASE NOTE: FOR BACK OF MAT LOGO POSITION, ALL mats are embossed in the same bottom right corner position on the back of mat. Enter: BACK OF MAT

This product has a minimum quantity of 2