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Studio Logo Block

Studio Logo Block

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction, both in service and quality.

When ordering your personalized Studio Logo Block please upload a 600dpi Grayscale JPEG or PNG file 100% Black on a 100% White background to scale.

A metal die is made from artwork that is 100% black, no graduations or color is accepted. REMEMBER, whatever is BLACK is debossed.

Please be advised when designing your artwork for your Studio Logo to be embossed on our Image Art Mats, the maximum height is 7/8" (22mm).

Note: Complex/Intricate, color and graduated artwork is not acceptable for making a metal die (studio logo block).

The Studio Logo Block is a metal die that is customized to fit our embossing machine and remains the property of GIP for future Logo mat orders.

Therefore when ordering branded mats in the future, simply order mats WITH LOGO and your existing metal die will be used.

Free Shipping on all orders over $99 (Mainland USA)

Low Flate Rate of $35 to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Mexico


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Studio Logo Block Artwork Specs

Please follow all the file guidelines below:


- Grayscale File

- File Formats excepted: Jpg, Eps, Png

- Resolution: 600dpi

- 100% Solid Black Logo on a 100% White Background, NO graduations or Color

- Maximum height 7/8" (22mm)

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