Slimline Midnight Red Mat Block - 8x13

Slimline Midnight Red Mat Block - 8x13

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Slimline Midnight Red Mat Block - 8x13

A modern combination of clear, translucent red and black acrylic block to fit one 8x13 mat inserted into a 1/6" slot.

This is one of the best IPS (In Person Sales) products in our range. The acrylic block enables you to showcase a photographer’s choice print in a mat in front of your client for just the cost of printing that print. Initiating conversation about products and exciting your clients. The Slimline block is 1 1/8" thick.

ONE 8x13 mat with 5x10 print opening is included with this block.

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Available Options



Your logo will be printed bottom center on the Acrylic Block on one side ONLY*.

*On Acrylic Mat Blocks the logo will be printed on the matted image facing side and on Double Sided Print Blocks only on one side.

We recommend a black logo if choosing a white mat or white logo if choosing a black mat with the Acrylic Mat Blocks.

Acrylic Block logos are printed Spot Black or Spot White ONLY.

Please upload a PNG file of your logo artwork and convert it to all black or all white in the next step if it's your FIRST TIME setup.

This service is FREE and there are no minimum orders.

Every order can be individually personalized with your choice Studio name, Client names with Studio name or just Client names. 


PLEASE NOTE: Only upload a PNG file with a transparent background. 


1. Make sure your logo artwork file (PNG) has been converted to be all black or all white, as we only print spot black or spot white on acrylic blocks.

2. Save your logo file including your name in the filename as a PNG file.

3. Upload the your saved logo file on the product page when ordering your acrylic block.