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Signature Video Folio Box - 11x14 Series 2

Signature Video Folio Box - 11x14 Series 2

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Signature Video Folio Box 11x14 (Series 2)

Series 2 video box has been updated with the following enhancements:

- Stereo sound vs mono dual speaker
- Higher resolution 1080p HD screen
- fully Apple and Windows compatible 
- modern acrylic screen frame vs black felt frame
- added still image slideshow feature vs only video playback 
- full touch screen instead vs intuitive touch screen
- bigger and easier on screen user interface

If you are using a Mac to upload and change video files on the video box, I would personally recommend Series 2 which eliminates a hidden file being placed onto the video box which could cause the videos not to autoplay! This is the only issue that is faced by some series 1 video box users.

Our world-class Signature Folio box has had a 10inch HD screen added to the inside of the lid to make the most impressive folio box on the market.

Imagine the expressions and emotions erupt once your clients open this folio box and see their own video play, absolutely PRICELESS! Then they can relive that feeling each time they open their Signature Folio box.

What does it say for your brand? Your clients are going to showcase this amazing folio box to their family, friends and colleagues box and your stunning images and featured video will leave them breathless! WOW...

Made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted multiple times and finished in Gloss White. The internals are black plush felt lined, chrome hinges and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of up to 25 of our professional mats. The ultimate feature is the 10inch HD touch screen with 16Gb internal storage which can be easily uploaded via a discrete port (mini USB) on the rear of the box with your Behind The Scenes video, Image Slideshow or Aminoto production, (File types supported include: MP4, AVI & MOV).The videos play automatically once the lid is opened and shutoff when closed. Battery life is approx 2-3 hours of playback time. Built-in speaker for full audio sound. The base of the box is felt lined to prevent scratching surfaces that it’s placed on. 

The box is deep enough to hold up to 25 Image Art Mats but can be configured in many ways to suit your studio designed packages or your client’s choice.
Box Configuration Options:
Box Only (empty box)
Box with 10 Mats (Plain Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 15 Mats (Plain Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 20 Mats (Plain Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 25 Mats
Box with 10 Mats & 1 Signature Easel (Easel Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 10 Mats & 2 Signature Easels (Easel Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 15 Mats & 1 Signature Easel (Easel Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 15 Mats & 2 Signature Easels (Easel Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 10 Mats & 1 Acrylic Mat Holder (Mat Holder Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 10 Mats & 2 Acrylic Mat Holders (Mat Holder Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 10 Mats & 3 Acrylic Mat Holders (Mat Holder Foam Insert supplied)
Box Only & USB Foam Insert (USB Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 10 Mats & USB Foam Insert (USB Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 15 Mats & USB Foam Insert (USB Foam Insert supplied)
Box with 20 Mats & USB Foam Insert (USB Foam Insert supplied)
The 11x14” box is built to fit 11x14” outer size mats which can accommodate the following print sizes:



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Available Options

Mat Styles Explained

Our mats come in 4 difference styles:


1. Slip-In Plain

2. Slip-In VGroove

3. Self-Assemble Plain

4. Self-Assemble VGroove


Firstly, the difference between Slip-In and Self-Assemble is how the photographic print is inserted into the mat. A Slip-In mat is sealed on 3 sides on the backing board and one short side has been unsealed allowing for a print to be slipped in hence the name Slip-In mats. Self-Assemble mats have been designed for photographers who struggle to slip-in their prints or are printing on fine art papers which are normally thicker, therefore more difficult to slip-in. A Self-Assemble mat has been permanently attached to the backing board on one long side, 2 other sides (one short and one long side) have had double sided tape applied to the backing board but not yet sealed. So, prints can be easily placed into the mat by gently lifting the top mat and positioning the print, then simply peel and seal the other 2 sides of the mat. At this point the mat is converted into a Slip-In mat.


Secondly, the difference between Plain and VGroove. A Plain mat has a print aperture with a bevel cut centered on the top mat. A VGroove mat has the print aperture with a bevel cut centered on the top mat and then an additional groove cut into the mat approx. ¼inch in from the print opening.


Not all print sizes are available in all mat styles.

If your desired print size is not available in your selected mat style change the mat style.

IMPORTANT: Logo Setup Information

PLEASE NOTE: This logo will be placed on the Folio Box.

If you require your logo on your mats or other accessories within the box, they must be ordered separately.

This service is FREE and there are no minimum orders.

Every order can be individually personalized with your choice Studio name, Client names with Studio name or just Client names.

** If you are ordering a different folio box color or size you must upload the correct template.


PLEASE NOTE: The correct Printing Template MUST BE completed and uploaded. 


1. Download the template relating to the product you are ordering - CLICK HERE

2. Open the template in Adobe Photoshop.

3. Please ignore any font or color warnings when opening the template.

4. Insert, size and position your logo in place of the "PLACE YOUR LOGO HERE" layer.

IMPORTANT: Don't change any of the dimensions or resolution of the file & DO NOT FLATTEN THE IMAGE

5. Delete all the layers leaving only your logo layer.

6. Use File "Save As" to save the template including your name in the filename as a Photoshop PSD file.

7. Upload the your saved template file on the product page when ordering your product.

If you are ordering multiple colors of folio or USB boxes,
you MUST complete and upload the template for each color.

Order STUDIO LOGO Branded Mats separately.

Require logo mats? These MUST be ordered separately and folio boxes must be ordered without mats. Please refer to our promotion on how to setup your logo for mat branding. Click HERE