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Let's talk FOLIO BOXES

Folio Boxes are used by photographers to present a collection of matted prints. They are widely versatile compared to the conventional album or wall art and offer a stress-free packaging solution. 

Folio boxes are a precious decor feature in your clients home, and won’t be stored away collecting dust. Unlike albums, there is no time spent planning and designing, simply place inside your loose matted prints. 
Any client will easily be able to see the benefits of having loose matted prints. It will give them the option to gift prints to family and friends. They will also be able to change the display image whenever they like, as well as have the option to use the matted prints as wall art.

Client’s that love more images than they anticipated purchasing will love the flexibility that the folio box provides, as it enables them to keep all their treasured images. Repeat customers will also love the ability to add more matted prints to their Folio Box which they can fill and refill over time.  

The Folio Boxes we offer are completely customisable to suit any client and their ever changing needs. You have the choice when ordering to have the box filled with Mats alone or to add accessories to help fill the box and complete a packaged offer. 

All our Folio Boxes are designed by us and are made from quality materials with the highest craftsmanship. The value of professional and premium products allows you, the photographer, to justify charging premium prices.

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